This figure is given by CNN, referring to the data of Ukrainian intelligence, which, according to them, was exclusively shared with them by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. According to these data, more than 106,000 of this figure are the Russian ground forces, and the remaining 21,000 are the Russian Navy and Air Force. 

We can find the similar numbers in earlier BBC’s piece – they reported 109,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s, citing the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense   – probably talking about the ground forces. We saw similar figure posted by The Kyiv Independent journalist Ilya Ponomarenko – he wrote about  112,000 – and noted that if you count them together with the Russian fleet, which is now also on exercises, it will be all 130,000, which is tens of thousands more than was at the borders of Ukraine in December and also matches the CNN data.

Richard Engel, an international correspondent for NBC, provides similar numbers – he mentioned “60 Russian battalions, about 112-120k troops”, and referring to Western intelligence, said that “more are coming”, and “could be a lot more.”

As CNN reported , quoting Ukrainian intelligence, Russia has deployed troops to its western border “on a permanent basis.” It is also known that in late December and January, Russia transferred “ammunition stocks, field hospitals and security services” to the border, which, according to intelligence, “confirms preparations for offensive operations.”

According to the same data, Russia supports more than 35,000 pro-Russian gunmen in eastern Ukraine, where there are also 3,000 Russian troops. Similar number of Russian soldier in those regions was previously reported by the Ukrainian army’ commander-in-chief.

We continue to monitor Russian troops’ movement on Ukraine’s border. Should you have any information or evidence of Russian troops or equipment movement, or any other information you want to share with us, please send it to us via email [email protected] or text us on social media.