At the same time, Russia has already sent 5,000 military, ballistic missiles, special forces and air defense forces to Belarus. That is according to US Representative to the UN Security Council Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Quote: “Direct speech: “We have evidence that Russia intends to increase this presence to more than 30,000 troops by early February near the border   of Ukraine and Belarus, less than 2 hours from Kyiv”

One more quote(on Russian troops on Ukraine’s border): “This is the largest – please hear me for sure – the largest mobilization of troops in Europe in the last decade.”

And we’ll remind the readers that we already wrote that according to the latest available data, as of January 28, the number of Russian troops on the border of Ukraine is estimated at 127,000 and   that according to western intelligence “soon more will arrive”, and “many more may come.”

By the way, about the deployment to Belarus: on January 29 it was reported that Russia deployed “Pantsir-S” division there as part of troops transfer to Belarus.

“Pantsyr-S” arrival in Belarus, video of Russian Ministry of Defense

The division consists of twelve combat vehicles. Each of them can carry twelve anti-aircraft missiles. According to Russian Ministry of Defense, they were delivered to Belarus from the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation (VVO), from the Amur Region.

We continue to monitor Russian troops’ movement on Ukraine’s border. Should you have any information or evidence of Russian troops or equipment movement, or any other information you want to share with us, please send it to us via email [email protected] or text us on social media.