New satellite images made by Maxar Technologies were posted online. According to company representatives, they not only see more Russian troops being deployed to Belarus, but also see tents and shelters for personnel, which they have seen literally at every location of troops – both in Belarus and in Crimea and western Russia. Maxar also concluded that there has been a general increase in troop training, and that they are observing many local military exercises (including artillery firing and maneuver exercises).

Bresksy training area , Belarus (January 22).

Obuz-Lesnovsky training area near Baranovichi, Belarus (January 29). Here you can see tents for personnel

Osipovichi training area in Mohylevsky region, Belarus. As the oppositional Belarusian publication clarifies, paratroopers and motorized riflemen often train at the Brest training ground, and artillery is fired at Osipovichi. Maxar Technologies also noticed the Iskander missile system in the pictures. The Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) has already written about their deployment to the west from at least two brigades of the Eastern Military District (VVO). Belarusian opposition media also reported seeing “Iskanders” near Osipovichi.

Satellite photos of Russian training areas in Yelnya (Smolensk region) and Pogonovo (Voronezh region)

In some photos you can see traces of military exercises.

You can see military equipment and military tents in the photo Russian troops camp in Bakhchisaray and Novoozerny in Crimea. On Sky News visuals you can see tents for personnel that have appeared at the training ground – this may mean that the preparations for the arrival of new troops are underway.

Source: CNN

Christopher Miller also posted posted Maxar satellite photo with marked current locations of Russian troops camps.

According to Konrad Muzyka, a Rochan Consulting’ military analyst, there are now about 76 Russian battalion tactical groups near Ukrainian border (each may consist of about 1,000 military). According to him, in January Russia managed to transfer from 15 up to 20 battalions from the Eastern Military District (VVO) of the Russian Federation to Belarus, as well as to transfer short-range missiles for Iskander. Earlier it was reported that at least 48 Russian “Iskanders” could be located near Ukraine.

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