The first stage of joint military exercises with Russia has started in Belarus. Russian Ministry of Defense announced it on February 22.

Who’s taking part: military units of Russia’s Eastern Military District (VVO) and Belarus troops involved in checking the response forces of the Union State (the union of Russia and Belarus that was formed in 1999).

Declared training areas, where the drills should take place: Domanovsky, Gozhsky, Obuz-Lesnovsky, Osipovichi and Brestsky (from the latter – about 50 km to the Ukrainian border or less than 1 hour drive).

It is reported that the drills will have two stages. The first will last until February 9th. Alleged mission: the deployment of troops and creation of troops groups in the shortest possible time, checking the readiness of the air defense forces.

At the secondstage – from February 10 to February 20 – Đ½the same joint exercises “Allied Resolve-2022” will begin. The stated task: working out the suppression and reflection of external aggression, countering terrorism, protecting the interests of the Union State.

What is known about equipment: there are numerous reports on the seemingly endless transfer of Russian troops to Belarus, allegedly linked to these exercises. It is known that Russia also deployed Su-35 fighters and a division of anti-aircraft missile and gun systems Pantsir-S. Near Osipovichi, a number of investigators noticed Iskander missile systems. Representatives of Maxar Technologies also saw them in the pictures (you can check the photos here). Russian equipment was noticed all over Belarus. In total, according to reports from the oppositional Belarus media, about 200 echelons of Russian equipment were supposed to arrive in Belarus.

We continue to monitor Russian troops’ movement on Ukraine’s border. Should you have any information or evidence of Russian troops or equipment movement, or any other information you want to share with us, please send it to us via email [email protected] or text us on social media.