It was tweeted by Chris Biggers from HawkEye 360, who also contributes to reknown military media Janes. According to him, 15 Russian Su-25 attack aircrafts have already landed in Luninets (Brest region, Belarus) yesterday, on February 5.

You can also learn about the Russian Su-25 deployment to Belarus from Belarusian government media Belta. It is reported that yesterday, on February 5, the Su-25SM crews of the Eastern Military District (VVO) completed the deployment.

They are also clearly seen on fresh Maxar satellite photoes

Russian Su-25, deployed to Belarus. Photo by Maxar Technologies, taken on Feb 4

A little earlier, Russian media reported that Russia also transferred twelve Su-35S to Belarus from the Russia’s Far East. As was reported in media – it’s all for the military drills (meaning the joinr Russia-Belarus military exercises, the first stage of which began on February 3, the second will begin on February 10 and will end on February 20).

Russian Su-35 credit: Russian MOD

Earlier Russia has already managed to transfer two divisions of S-400 missile systems to Belarus (one division includes 8 launchers).

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