Six landing ships of the Northern and Baltic fleets of Russia are moving towards Ukraine. Three of them – “Peter Morgunov”, “George the Victorious”, “Olenegorsky Miner” – have already passed the Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea.

That’s according to Yoruk Isik, Bosphorus Observeranalytic.

Three more remained: “Korolev”, “Minsk” and “Kaliningrad”.

Russian Ministry of Defense states that this is also “for military exercises.”

But there are number of problems. 

Main is  – thatRussia is going to block part of the Black and Azov Seas, allegedly ostensibly for missile and artillery exercises from21:00 (UTC) Feb 13   till 21:00 (UTC) Feb 19.According to Andriy Klymenko, chief editor of Black Sea News, there are no corridors for the passage of merchant ships. He also said that this had never happened in the last 8 years.