And that is why all these Russian ships which we earlier wrote about allegedly sailed to the Black Sea for: regular Russian “exercises” started.

As Russian Ministry of Defense website states they are going to work out the defense of Crimiean sea coast.

You can also find out there that at various stages of the exercises, ships, ground forces and aviation will carry out “a complex of missile and artillery firing, missile and bomb strikes against sea, coastal and air targets.”

For this, apparently, the declared closures of the Black and Azov Seas are made by Russia (or simply to complicate life for Ukraine, which is more likely). We’ll remind it looks like this:

closures map, source: Andriy Klymenko, Black Sea News

Russian Ministry of Defense also states that more than 30 warships of Black sea and other fleets of various classes are involved in these exercises: frigates, patrol ships, small missile ships and missile boats, landing ships, small anti-submarine ships, as well as mine defense ships.

We continue to monitor Russian troops’ movement on Ukraine’s border. Should you have any information or evidence of Russian troops or equipment movement, or any other information you want to share with us, please send it to us via email [email protected] or text us on social media.