This morning, information appeared that Russian Guard troops from Chechnya were spotted in the Yelsk district of the Gomel region. This was reported by the telegram channel In the video, you can see that the cars don’t have plates. In addition, it is reported that the column was moving towards Narovlya. conveys the words of eyewitnesses:

«We drove towards the village of Slovechno, on the way we noticed a lot of people, so to speak, of Chechen nationality with beards and everything» , «A column of more than 50 units of military equipment was seen today on the P31 road near the city of Yelsk, 100% Chechens are sitting in buses and some KamAZ trucks »

Later, the same convoy without license plates was noticed already in the Bragin district of the Gomel region in the direction of the settlement. Komarin, which is located 1 km. from Ukraine’s border.

Why is the National Guard important (according to CIT analysts) – because it is it that is used to control the regime after the invasion, and therefore, according to analysts, it speaks of Russia’s readiness to go for it. Again, these are all hypotheses for now, but we inform you so that you are aware .

We continue to monitor Russian troops’ movement on Ukraine’s border. Should you have any information or evidence of Russian troops or equipment movement, or any other information you want to share with us, please send it to us via email [email protected] or text us on social media.