24 лютого Росія напала на Україну. Наразі це 16 день повномасштабної війни. Це – головні події за день, які ми відібрали для вас за сьогодні

• Ukrainian Air Force destroyed Russian command post in Kyiv direction

• Ukraine’s army defending Mariupol almost completely destroyed BTG of 102nd Regiment of 150th Russian Motorized Rifle Division

• Putin preparing terrorist attack on Chernobyl nuclear power plant, to later put the blame for it on Ukrainian army

• Russian planes fired at Belarusian settlement to draw Belarus into war – another provocation from Russia

• Russian orcs bombed Lutsk, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk. 1 person killed by missiles at Lutsk airfield, 1 person killed & 1 injured in 3 air strikes on Dnipro. rockets hit near kindergarten and apartment building, building of a shoe factory

• Fierce fighting continues in Izyum

• In the area of ​​the village of Guryevka nearMykolayiv Russian troops are defeated: they either run away or try to retreat

• situation on Ukrainian nuclear power plants occupied by Russians remains unchanged, staff continue to work and performs relevant tasks

• Chernobyl power plant got additional supply of diesel fuel that gives emergency power supply for nuclear fuel storage facilities. This means no radiation emergency, at least for now

• pro-Russian “rally” of non-locals was staged in Russian orc-occupied Svatove (Luhansk region, E Ukraine). There are 200 Russian infantry in the city, but it is generally calm. It is likely that Russia is preparing to stage “referendums” in occupied cities

• In Chernihiv region (Northen Ukraine) Ukraine’s army ot 5 settlements back under Ukraine’s control

• In Chuhuiv district (Kharkiv region, Eastern Ukraine) Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroyed column of Russian military equipment, including tanks, combat vehicles, fuel tanks

• in Luhansk region (Eastern Ukraine), Russians fled from Ukrainian defenders, leaving a trophy for Ukraine’s army of GAZ-66 loaded with grenades and ammunition for an anti-aircraft gun

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