On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine. It is currently the 20th day of a full-scale war. These are the key events of the day that we have selected for you today

• The SBU reported that 60 collaborators were detained yesterday, March 14, and 20 enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups were exposed, including in Cherkasy, Luhansk, Kirovohrad, and Zakarpattia oblasts.

• Near Chernihiv, Ukrainian fighters destroyed the Russian occupiers’ rocket-propelled grenade launcher, from which they fired on residential areas of the city.

• In the Kyiv region, the Russian occupiers fled from Bucha, leaving their mlitary equipment in almost every yard.

• The Ukraine’s Armed Forces shot down another enemy plane near Kharkiv.

• In the afternoon, the Russian occupiers tried to storm Kharkiv from Pyatihatki, but suffered significant losses from the Ukraine’s Armed Forces and lost their positions.

• In Luhansk region, Ukrainian fighters destroyed three T-72 tanks, one BMP-3 and all personnel of the Russian occupiers.

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• A total of 28,893 people were evacuated from the surrounding cities

• A curfew is imposed in Kyiv for two days: from 20:00 on March 15 to 7:00 on March 17. At this time it is forbidden to move around the city without special passes. You can only go out to reach the shelter.

• The Verkhovna Rada extended the martial law in Ukraine from March 26, 2022 for 30 days (until April 25).

• At night, the Russian occupiers fired missiles at the Dnipro airport. The airport was partially destroyed, one person was injured.

• In the Sviatoshynskyi district, a shell hit a 16-storey building. 3 people died, 5 were injured and 48 were rescued.

• Ammunition hit a 9-storey residential building in the Podilskyi district of Kyiv in the morning. One person was hospitalized.

• As a result of the shelling, ammunition hit a two-story private house in Osokorki, Kyiv. The house caught fire, rescuers put out the fire. There are no victims.

• The facade of Lukyanivska metro station building was damaged by an explosive wave in Kyiv

• As a result of an air strike on a TV tower in Rivne, 19 people died.

• Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kuvshinova and Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakzewski were killed in artillery shelling of Russian orcs in the village of Gorenko in the Kyiv region.

• In the Kherson region, residents of the Iron Port went on a peaceful rally against the occupiers with state flags and sang the anthem of Ukraine.

• The EU and the G7, as well as Albania, Iceland, Australia, South Korea, Moldova, Montenegro, New Zealand, Northern Macedonia and Norway, have deprived Russia of its benefits from membership in the World Trade Organization.

• The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe expelled Russia from its membership and recognized Transnistria as a zone of Russian occupation.

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