Russian soldiers drove to Chornobayivka for the 7th time, where Ukrainian army defeated them for the seventh time.

In the Kyiv region, another trophy tank joined the Ukraine Armed Forces.

The fleet of Sivershchyna forces got trophy “MSTA-C” with ammunition.

Beryslav Mayor Oleksandr Shapovalov and a local activist have been held captive by Russians for three days now

More than 70 houses in Kyiv were damaged as a result of Russian shelling.

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A shopping mall in the Podilskyi district of Kyiv was destroyed by Russian shelling and, as a result, a fire that started afterwards. According to preliminary data, 8 people were killed.

Russian occupants stole five ships with tens of thousands of tons of grain from the seaport in Berdyansk.

Beryslav Mayor Oleksandr Shapovalov and a local activist have been held captive by Russians for three days now

Residents of Kherson protested against Russian occupation, where Russians tried to disperse people with shootings and light and noise grenades.

According to preliminary data, Zhytomyr Region was shelled from Grads for the first time – 3 servicemen and one civilian were killed

Due to Russian shelling of the Sumykhimprom plant, a large amount of ammonia was released into the air. The situation is currently under control, and rescuers have eliminated the accident.

In Berdyansk, which was temporarily seized by russians, a self-proclaimed “acting mayor” appeared, who “together with the fraternal Russian people is ready to establish a peaceful life” – Ukrainian prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings for collaboration.

Near Chuguiv, Ukrainian military shot down a Russian fighter and two Russian Orlan drones.

Almost 400,000 citizens have returned to Ukraine since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion on February 24.

On March 21, 7 out of 8 agreed humanitarian corridors worked. A total of 8,057 people were evacuated.

On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine. We continue to follow the development of the situation. If you have information about Russian troops movement or any other information you want to share with us, email us via [email protected] or text in telegram on @JavelinSt. For particularly sensitive data – reach out, we will send more encrypted channels.

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