Russia is reportedly conducting drills on islands claimed by Tokyo, Reuters reported. This comes 5 days after russia said it halts peace talks with Japan about disputed Kuril Islands because of Japan sanctions over Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

According to russian MoD website drills “more than 3,000 russian servicement and hundreds of units of military equipment” is planned to take part in these drills that have started yesterday, on March 25. It seems like a particular generosity, given the losses russia suffers now daily in Ukraine – judging both by statements of Ukrainian General Staff, NATO, by foreign media and even by russian media itself.

On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine. We continue to follow the development of the situation. If you have information about Russian troops movement or any other information you want to share with us, email us via [email protected] or text in telegram on @JavelinSt. For particularly sensitive data – reach out, we will send more encrypted channels.

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