We found a strange camouflaged object (circled in red) in pictures of Russian military camp at Zyabrovsky airfield in Belarus. Our military expert (serving in Ukrainian army) suggests that this may be a camouflaged ammunition depot,

Maxar photo of Russian military camp in Zabrovka

Now let us explain.

Look at the object closer. See it’s like covered in snow? But other objects have a color – brown, yellow. Therefore, in our expert’s opinion, this is a camouflage, “under the snow.” But he also called the object “weird” because nothing else of the equipment was camouflaged except a small number of tanks repainted white for winter.

If you look closely, you can see that the object from up above resembles the tents below (circled in green, probably a hospital).

But according to our expert, it’s strange to disguise ordinary tents like this. He believes that the most logical thing to camouflage – and what is camouflaged this way most often – is an ammunition depot.

It is also located at a sufficient distance and is the most valuable part of the military camp.

This is also indicated by a wide entrance to the object – it is needed near an ammunition depot for convenient loading and unloading of ammunition.

here we circled it closer to the object so you can see it’s size

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