Russia begins to hold productions

pro-Russian rallies in Ukrainian cities occupied by Russian army

This was reported by local residents of cities occupied by Russian troops.

So today in occupied Svatove (Luhansk region, Eastern Ukraine) tried to hold similar “rallies”. As locals told us, they   gathered around 15 of such people near Svatove city administration building .

“All non-locals, took new Russian flags from plastic bags,” Svatove residents told us.
It is likely that this is the beginning of Russia’s attempt to hold staged “referendums” in Ukrainian cities occupied by the Russian army to simulate “people’s choice” to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. 

Residents of Svatove also told us that there were at least 200 Russian infantry in the city. Most likely – from the riot police (OMON) or the Rosgvardia, those who are to suppress the protests, but without special insignia.
According to locals, in addition to Svatove, Russian army has occupied Kupyansk, Troitske, Starobelsk, and that Russian TV propaganda is being actively spread here. There are also reports that ruble is already being introduced in Starobelsk, and in Troitske Russian military has begun squeezing out local cars.

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine, violating all possible international laws and conventions. We continue to monitor the situation  , and wpml_nbsp we remind you that if you have information about the movement of Russian troops or other information you want to share with us – send it to us at [email protected] or write to the telegram @JavelinSt.