Fighting with the bulk of Russia’s ground forces continues northwest of Kyiv, British intelligence reportedthis morning. According to their estimates, Russiam troops are located about 25 km from center of Kiev. They also said that Russian column, which had been standing north of Kyiv for a long time and was seen in all possible satellite photos, had shrunk. This is also evidenced by fresh satellite images from Maxar.

Photo by Maxar on March 11, 2022, Berestyanka, northwest of Kyiv. Trucks with supplies and objects similar to multiple rocket launchers have been spotted here, the BBC reports.

According to British intelligence, this may indicate Russia’s intention to surround the capital.

At the same time, it should be understood that Kyiv is a huge 6.5 million agglomeration. It stretched out on two shores of Dnipro river. Experts have long noted that this is a failed idea from a technical point of view. But it must also be understood that Russia will continue its efforts.

And we will continue to monitor the situation.

We remind you of the column, which was seen on satellite photo of Maxar from February 28, published by Reuters. It then showed a nearly 60-kilometer column of Russian military equipment along the highway, northwest of Kyiv (near the village of Ivankiv), moving towards Gostomel. Already on March 3, The New York Times publisheddata from British intelligence, according to which a multi-kilometer column of Russian equipment “did not make significant progress” due to resistance from Ukrainians and mechanical failures. At that time, it was noted that it stretched to the north of Kyiv for about 64 kilometers, and is located 29 km from Kyiv (Gostomel district).

On March 7, during a regular briefing on the course of the war, the Pentagon commented that it also did not notice any noticeable advance of Russian troops. According to their observations, the famous column also stood still – the probable version was at the time that the column burned fuel.

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