According to the Mariupol City Council, after the international outcry after the genocide in Bucha was uncovered, Russia’s top leadership ordered the

Repulsed russian attacks. The russian Ka-52 helicopter was shot down by a Ukrainian-made Stugna missile near Izium. Ukrainian army also destroyed russian

On April 2, data on 3,000 cases of sexual violence since the beginning of the war began to appear, with citing Dmytro

Territories liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated almost 30 settlements. russia is regrouping troops and

️In Belarus, guerrillas have carried out at least 10 successful sabotages on the railway since the beginning of the russian full-scale attack

ZSU The Armed Forces recorded the withdrawal of 700 units of russian military equipment from Kyiv overnight. They were moved towards Ivankiv,