On April 2, data on 3,000 cases of sexual violence since the beginning of the war began to appear, with citing Dmytro Vernigor, head of the Ukrainian Medical Mission (UMM). UMM is a local partner of the UN in Ukraine, and Dmytro Vernigor stated about 3,000 cases on the TV channel PRYAMY.

We asked UMM how this figure was calculated. We were told that the information is evaluated from different sources:

“This includes the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukarine, the health care workers, social services, etc. Such figures were stated in a television marathon, which is attended by all leading TV channels in Ukraine. Experts believe that these figures are too small for the reality of the war people as a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine. ”

UMM also added that these are not currently official statistics, meaning those that are the result of open criminal proceedings, as many of the affected women have not even been able to make such statements:

“It is now difficult to estimate the real number of victims of violence, because many people are in the temporarily occupied territories, a large number of evacuated women have not yet officially appealed to law enforcement agencies,” – said in UMM.

On April 2, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published information about the bodies of 4-5 naked women found 20 km from Kyiv. The fact of girls under 10 being raped in the Kyiv region was also reported. According to Irpen Mayor Alexander Markushin, the Russian occupiers shot women and girls in Irpen and then drove tanks over their bodies.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, Liz Trass, announced that the United Kingdom would collect evidence of war crimes and submit them to the International Criminal Court, and the perpetrators of these crimes would be brought to justice.

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