russian attack. – On the morning of April 17, russian occupiers fired missiles at infrastructure facilities in Brovary, Mayor Ihor Sapozhko said. According to preliminary data,there are no victims. There are possible power and water outages.

russian army continues to partially block Kharkiv in Slobozhanske direction, Ukrainian troops. During the day, RU occupiers fired upon the centre of the town of Saltivka, Kharkiv oblast – a residential area. There are dead and wounded, according to General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In Donetsk and Tavriya directions, russian military intensifies its hostilities. It continues to launch missile and bomb strikes on city of Mariupol, including use of Tu-22M3 strategic bombers. russian occupiers tried to carry out assault operations near seaport and Azovstal plant

Repulsed attacks. As a result of counteroffensive in the Kharkiv oblast, Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Bazaliivka, Lebiazhe and part of Kutuzivka. In area of village of Mala Rohan, Ukrainian units moved further east – head of Kharkiv OMA Oleh Syniehubov said.

Sicheslav paratroopers shot down an “Orlan 10” drone in Donetsk oblast. According to General Staff of Armed forces of Ukraine said cost of such drone is about $100,000F

Ukrainian military from the operational-tactical group “East” repulsed 5 russian attacks in one day. During the fighting, they destroyed 60 occupiers, 1 enemy tank, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, 2 MTLBs, 3 artillery systems, 3 anti-aircraft guns and 1 helicopter.

Movemement of russian forces. 8 russian trailers w tanks were spotted this morning entering from Chojniki. Also in the morning, on the border of Belarus and russia near village of Peremoha on the R-30 road toward Dobrush, abt 5 different trucks were spotted.All military equipment were from the RU, Belarusian Hajun reports

At noon, in Gomel at the Tsentropil station, an echelon arrived from west to east. Seen on the platform: civilian KAMAZ (bright yellow with the V symbol), a new Belarusian tractor, as well as Tor M2 and many various KAMAZ modifications (including command posts).

Vehicles from Narovlya continue to be collected at the Yelsk railway station. Among them: MT-LB, T-72B3, BMP, various trucks.

Following general routes of columns are seen: Kalinkovichi-Bobruisk, Zhlobin-Svetlogorsk, Gomel-Rechitsa, Mozyr-Yelsk, Mikashevichi-Zhitkovichi-Kalinkovichi, Zhlobin-Gomel, Chojniki-Rechitsa, Lelchitsi-Mozur. There’s gradual reduction of intensity of movement of columns.

There is also a lot of RU mil equipment movement in Svatove again, locals say. They write that many self-repelled artillery moved around the city. Also, many tanks. Many explosions have been heard in the city. It was reported that the equipment was coming from Honcharivka.

Helicopters over city were reported. Maybe those taking wounded russian soldiers to Svatove Hospital. Locals tell us missiles have been flying from Svatove all morning, and 3 Pantsir-C1s were spotted in city.

Earlier, it was reported that units of the Central Military District of russia (CBM) were relocated to Svatove from the Belgorod region of the russia.

On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine. We continue to follow the development of the situation. If you have information about Russian troops movement or any other information you want to share with us, email us via [email protected] or text in telegram on @JavelinSt. For particularly sensitive data – reach out, we will send more encrypted channels.

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