On April 6, it was reported that 60 Pskov paratroopers who refused to go to Ukraine. Today it was announced that the number of those who refused may soon increase: 60 people are just one military unit, Pskovskaya Gubernia reports (it was they who reported, together with the Belarus newspaper Nasha Niva, about the “refusals”).

It is reported that they are threatened with criminal prosecution for desertion or non-compliance with the order (Article 332 of the Criminal Code). But it is also noted that so far they and their families are standing their ground and are not giving in. They also added that commanders haven’t accepted their reports of dismissal yet, so many submit it through the military prosecutor’s office.

We will remind that earlier it was reported about 60 Russian military from Pskov who refused to go to war with Ukraine. They were first brought to Belarus, but it is noted that after their demarche they were returned to the place of deployment in Pskov.

The exact date of the event is currently unknown, though it is added that it may be the second half of March.

We will also add that this is not the first time it has been reported that the Russian military refuses to fight and that they are even allowed not to take part in hostilities – this was reported in the media, we know about this from our own sources. But the result of such démarches, according to our data, is different – sometimes they are send to Ukraine anyway, as in the case of the Russian military in Kherson, as “Graty” media reported, and case of military in Novosibirsk, who were promised execution for deserting and t was reported there were cases of such.

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