Belarus Ministry of Defense photo from current Russia-Belarus drills, taken: February 10, 2022

Belarus authorities reported that a number of Russian units are performing tasks outside of current military exercises, Radio Liberty reports.

Yes, that’s for real.

What tasks, you ask? For example, according to Belarus authorities, they will protect the southern border of Belarus, the protection of which allegedly cannot be strengthened at the expense of Belarusian troops. And we all know what is in the south of Belarus (hint: Ukraine)

This was all the answer of Belarus to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – they turned to Belarus with a request to explain military activity and give answers within the framework of the OSCE Vienna Document. According to its rules, countries need to inform each other about such military activity and give full information about the dates, the location of the military exercises, training grounds and the number of troops.

By the way, Belarus also states in the response that the total number of troops and weaponry participating in the current exercises does not exceed the thresholds determined by this OSCE Vienna Document. Interesting where they’d learn it from… And we’ll remind that Russia they always include this bit in all their news about the exercises on Russian Ministry of Defense website (oh shoot there goes our tip!). And we also wil remind that they have already been accused of violating the Vienna Document – the freshest case was last year in April, by Ukraines MFA. We’ll see if the same fate awaits Belarus.

screenshot Russian Ministry of Defense website

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