destruction in Chernihiv after the Russian attack, photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

As of March 26, less than half of Chernihiv’s residents remained and city is completely destroyed after Russian attacks, according to city Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko.

“City is destroyed. It’s easier to count the houses that survived. More than 200 civilians are killed, – he said.

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He also added that city authorities are all still in place. “Everyone is working, supporting our army. Nobody is going to surrender the city,” – said Atroshenko .

But the problem is that the city is currently encircled, as Chernihiv mayor put it, and also that the russians have deliberately destroyed the bridge connecting the city with Kyiv. As a result of all this,thecity is currently unable to arrange humanitarian corridors or evacuate the wounded. The pedestrian bridge is also currently under constant crossfire, and it is dangerous to transport goods across it because it could fall.

Local authorities are planning to evacuate the severely wounded, who cannot be operated immediately, Atroshenko noted. Currently, there are 44 people like that (both military and civilians, including three children). The mayor added that there is also no sustainable electricity in the city, but water is delivered by all available methods, and everything that can be repaired is being repaired.

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