Today, Putin signed a decree calling for 134,500 conscripts to be drafted into the russian army. russia immediately stated that this is just a standard spring draft and has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine.

russian Defense Minister Shoigu has already assured that conscripts will not be sent to hot spots. But this is standard russian practice of denial. Putin has denied possible participation of conscripts in the russian war in Ukraine. On March 9, the russian Defense Ministry admitted that conscripts had been sent to Ukraine, but added that everyone would be punished for doing so.

We also already know that among the dead and captured russian military are many conscripts – that is, what will be these 134,500.

What else do we know?

The decree states that the conscription will affect Russian men aged 18 to 27, and after the conscription, training will begin, which will last from 3 to 5 months.

Or even less: Reuters cite Mikhail Benyash, a lawyer who represents few members of Russia’s National Guard who refused to go to Ukraine. According to him, new conscripts could be sent to fight after just several months of training.

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