For the second day in a row, residents of occupied Vovchansk have been noticing active movement of russian military equipment through the city. For the seconnd day our readers, locals tell us that columns of russian military equipment is passing through Vovchansk, now occupied by russian forces. This is a city in the Kharkiv region, almost on the border with russia. Today movement of russian military equipment through Vovchansk was noticed at 16:00 (Kyiv time) .

Yesterday locals saw “biggest column ever”, as we were told. Column of 40 units of russian military equipment was spotted passing through Vovchansk in the direction of Bilyi Kolodiaz’ , which is in direction of Eastern Ukraine . If we draw the line further, it will be noticeable that it is in the direction of Donetsk and Luhansk, and in general – in direction of eastern Ukraine region, war in which Russia has now identified as a “priority”.

point – Vovchansk, arrow – the direction in which the vehicles were moving

This supports statements by General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Western intelligence (and even russia itself) : that now russia’s focus is on the east of Ukraine (although it’s not like there ever was a time when it wasn’t ). As well as the fact that this is not a withdrawal of russian troops (if by that we mean a completely withdrawal of troops from Ukrainian territory back to the territory of Russia and their exclusion from participation in hostilities in Ukraine), but regrouping and possible rotation.

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